BACK DOOR: This is easy, all you have to do is take some simple action with the Owner and Management. Set rules and operating procedures. Stop worrying about how convenient it is for delivery personnel and your kitchen workers. Just remember convenience is what makes it easy for anyone who would like to take something from you. This is where we will start, but this is just the first of many.

BACK OF THE BUILDING: I know this is where you store junk, but you also are giving everyone a place to smoke. You also give an easy way to take items to there car or give items to friends to hide items for later.

KITCHEN: The first mistake for delivery. The walk-in-cooler is usually placed at the back door. You have more money in the COOLER and FREEZE than you have in your Cash Register. You also have other than the BAR items that everyone would like to have for a party or rib eyes for a cookout. (No one will miss them). The food that the employees eat. Working on a job in Dallas, a bar served fresh seafood on ice. He figured the cost if every employee eats one jumbo shrimp every day. He would have to sell a lot of seafood to make up for the loss.

Buy one of the old produce scales, don’t worry about how it looks put it right at your back door. Most restaurant operators buy by weight. Do you weight anything? If the shipment was three ounces short, would you know? What if all meat you buy is short three ounces? A friend of mine has a BAR-B-Q operation and did not weight his meat. After two months, he had paid $8,000. He got a scale at the back door. At the beginning, he weighed everything. Employees were accountable for the deliveries. After some time, he stopped checking all deliveries and checked periodically. The staff was never sure when he would check so the stealing stopped. The produce companies have their ways to get you also. Produce is the same, some companies and even deliverymen will take one here and one there leaving you with the bill.

BAR: Your second money maker can lose a lot of money. You must take control of your bar. You are working with a liquid product. Steaks you can count at the beginning of a shift. There are more ways to steal from a bar. It’s not a steak you can count them at the start of the shift. With a good computer system, you can keep up with the inventory. The computer will count ounces and inventory will match. Bartenders are very good at making extra money at your expense. Some will drink on the job or giving their friends drinks on you. The more you know about your operation, the more money you can make.

I had a restaurant in Louisiana, a seafood buffet. We told the staff they could have what was left on the buffet at closing. I had to go early one evening and left the staff to close up. I later learned that they filled the buffet with more food to take home. If you give staff an inch, they will take a mile when you are not looking. Employees are out for themselves and do not think you will notice the loss Pay attention to your operation.

There are things that really happen. Food vendors do many things that they hope you will not notice. When the meat is delivered, count the steaks or products. A box of steaks can say 15 in the box, but the company or delivery person can take out two or three and you may never notice unless you count them upon delivery. Just leaving the order stacked up after delivery, it is hard to recover the loss.



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