Our team of consultants has experience in restaurant construction, ownership, design, and operations. There are no aspects of the restaurant operation that we have not personally been involved in.

We offer our consulting services for small projects such as a“Menu Review” or as large as a “Complete Restaurant Package’’.

Here is a list of the possibilities that a start-up restaurant could possibly use our service.

Kitchen Design or Review of your design Kitchen Equipment list and specifications for Electrical and Plumbing Bid Specifications Menu Review Menu and Recipe Plan Review Bid Review for the construction contractors and kitchen equipment Landlord lease review

We work with contractors, architects, and engineers who are highly respected in their fields of expertise but with that said, I would like to ask you, “Would you go to your dentist if you needed a new pair of glasses”? No, you would not. You would go to a specialist in that field. If you have not worked in the food service industry, you will need the services of experts. That is why it is very important to have your plans reviewed. The mistakes can be changed very easily in the beginning stage but once the concrete it poured you’re stuck with it.

Our consulting services are based on an hourly rate. Please contact us for an estimate on your required services.

If our services can not save you money or improve your restaurant performance you will owe us nothing!

Security Restaurant owners and workers don’t find this to be important. Security is not just someone holding you up. It also has to do with what the help is taking out the back door and takes home. The delivery person that shorts you on delivery there is so many ways to hold you up every day. Over a short time, it could cost you thousands and this will probably keep on. We have put together a list that you may be interested in. It will save you thousands.


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